Tiger Woods…who flips a beat?

Converstaions at the Tiki Bar
Converstaions at the Tiki Bar

A perspective, ala Beatsville

This riff is a little off topic for Tiki Lounge Talk, but it has been a conversation at the Tiki Bar between my old lady and I, so it gets laid down on the score, ya dig?

Who the hell gives a flip what scene Tiger made, except for maybe his old lady?

Oh sure, we all dig ripping on some cat who got caught with his paw in the cookie jar. And dig it, Tiger Man did bust up on one of the 10 Commandments: Thou shalt not swing with another hip chick while the hen is roosting in the coop, unless of course thy old lady riffs to that krazy scene.

So the flipsters and spinners that hit the airwaves are making big bones about this cat’s high-infidelity. Soakin’ up the green, that’s all they’re in it for, no matter that it splatters the cat’s rep like a frog in a blender.

As the Big Man once said, “let ye who has not blown a sour note or riffed a bad scale cast the first stone, baby.” I say, if the man wants to goof on golf balls and knock around with some chicks, that’s nobody’s jazz but his own. Leave the cat alone and let him swing, both with golf club and kittens.

Are you hip?

– Darrin C. M. Buckley, for the Tiki Lounge Tiki Blog

4 Replies to “Tiger Woods…who flips a beat?

  1. Wow, some heated responses to that topic. Maybe I should let Darrin C.M. Buckley come to the Tiki Bar more often! (Buckley is long-time nonconformist, poet, orator, musician and coffee lover. He has written for many beat tomes and has spread his word from New York to San Fran. Currently he resides in a Village loft in NYC and spends most of time complaining about how corporate the neighborhood has become.)

  2. The only reason he put himself on the air, was for the sake of his OWN green. He went on the air to start the recovery of his BRAND. Remember, he is famous and he courted that fame, he courted it with his ability and with his outstanding character, his standards and his numerous statements on the sanctity of home and family.
    For a “normal” person to make a similar mistake (with ONE woman, let alone multiple) it is bad for those involved, but when you are famous it gets magnified greatly.
    It is just too bad, that after all the time spent getting the light to shine on them, when something goes wrong, they want it turned off. It doesn’t work that way.. once you are in the light, you are in it for good or bad.

  3. What really is getting to me is that after his press conference, one of the women he was with was complaining that he hadn’t apologized to her for the pain he had caused. Come on, she went into it willingly, why should she be bitching about it now? Did she have her head in the sand and not know he was a public figure?

  4. Yep. The only one who has the right to be pissed..or even have an opinion at ALL is his wife. He didnt hurt anyone else by what he did.

    Un-freakin’-believable that his career may be over because he had some consensual sex that he shouldnt have, but Michael Vick..who should have been roasted alive on a spit…is back out there playing pro ball and getting COURAGE AWARDS (WTF on THAT one??). He tortured and murdered a ton of innocent animals for FUN and profit. But thats not as bad as porking someone else?

    Yeah…our priorities are really effed up.

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