Tiki Lounge Talk nominated for BOB (Best of Blog) Awards!

bob_logo_horizThanks to the cool cat or kitten who nominated The Tiki Blog for a best of blog award with the South Florida Sun Sentinel! We’ve been nominated for three categories…Pop Culture, Travel, and ‘defies category’ which is kinda funny,.

You can vote for us here:


Please vote! If you like what we’ve done here, give us a little smile by casting a vote. You can vote once in each category EVERY DAY, plus you can vote for us for Best Overall Blog.

We seem to be doing best in Pop Culture. I don’t know why we’re in Travel, and I think the other blogs in that category are better suited to that award…but We’d love to get that first place in Pop Culture, and hell, even defies category! So please log on daily (through March 5) and vote! It would be a real gas if we swiped the jackpot, baby!

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