Enjoy That Tropical Tiki Cocktail, Kiddo!

zombie-drinkWhen was the last time you sat down, relaxed, and really enjoyed that Tropical Cocktail? I don’t mean a Jack and Coke with a pineapple wedge in it, I mean a real, old-fashioned Zombie, or Rum Barrel, or Mai Tai. Has it been too long?

If you want to dig into Tiki Culture, you’ve got to stop and smell the coconuts. Take it easy. Settle. Let the smoothness flow through your vertebrae.

Colleen Drinking Cap'n Mack's Pirate Grog
Colleen Drinking Cap'n Mack's Pirate Grog

If you’re lucky enough to have a Tiki Bar at home, make it a point tonight to dust it off, build your favorite concoction and sip away while Martin Denny spins on the hi-fi. If you don’t have the ingredients, make a quick stop at the grocer on the way home. Pick up the limes and pineapple and powdered sugar or whatever it is you need to do it up right. So what that it’s Wednesday? Wednesday’s a great day to relax at the Tiki Bar.

Don’t have your own groovy home bar? No room, you say? No lettuce to build it with? No problemo. There’s bound to be a Tiki Bar somewhere within driving distance.  If it’s close, stop by tonight, just one drink, relax for an hour, talk to friends, have some kool Tiki Lounge Conversations and enjoy life. If it’s tiki-galore-drinkfarther, plan a trip for Friday night and stick to it. If you have to make a special trip and hit up a motel to get to the nearest Tiki Bar, start planning now. Motels are cheap. You deserve a break, don’t you?

Trader Vic’s, Don the Beachcomber, Mai Kai, Islamorada Tiki Bar – wherever you can find one. And if there ain’t none around, go to the nearest TGI Friday’s, tape a grass skirt to your table, put a blow-up palm tree in the seat next to you and order a Singapore Sling. Better bring the recipe, too.

2 Replies to “Enjoy That Tropical Tiki Cocktail, Kiddo!

  1. Alright! I will DO this thing! It has been far too long since I just had a drink and relaxed in my TikiBar…(Monday was it? Seems so long ago.)

    As for bringing the recipe to the nearby lounge.. okay, bar. No luck, they just dont have what is needed except for the simplest of recipes. Gotta love the D.

    I think the next step is to just have a party!

    (Love the article!)


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