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tiki-fish-tank-sceneTiki can be found in the strangest places these days. I happened to be in a Petco on Saturday, where Colleen was volunteering for an animal rescue. I’ve always had a fascination with fish tank decorations, so of course I had to check out the latest pirate shipwrecks and bubbling divers. Well kids, much to my surprise I found a shelf full of Tiki stuff! The lighting was too low to try to take pix so I found some on the web…kool Tiki stuff for your aquarium, or better yet for whatever you can imagine.


My new tiki swizzle stick holder
My new tiki swizzle stick holder

I bought this Tiki guy and am now using him to hold swizzle sticks on my Tiki Bar. These things are made up of that composite plastic stuff, so their pretty much indestructible.

aloha-tiki-fish-tankPoking around online I also found this kickin’ Aloha Tiki Aquarium. Pretty neat, huh? It ain’t cheap though; least expensive one I found on the net was over 250 clams.

And it’s only two feet tall, so it ain’t like it’s giant Tiki to stand in your corner, it’s a table-top deal. Still groovy though. But it seems to me that you Tiki carvers out there could do a better job, customized to fit over someone’s round fish tank. Let me know when you make your first sale. I don’t even want a cut, just give ole Tiki Chris credit for the idea!

-Tiki Chris, Reporting from the pool at Tiki Lounge Talk, the place for Tiki Culture and Retro Fun!

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