The Mai-Kai’s Barrel O’ Rum: Your Weekend Tiki Bar Drink!

rum-barrelWe’re heading to the Mai-Kai tonight for The Hukilau kickoff party. It’s a hell of a kickoff when it happens three weeks before the actual event, huh? Anyhoo, since the Barrel O’ Rum is one of everyone’s favorites, and it’s pretty simple to make as far as Tiki/exotic cocktails go, I figured I’d feature it this week! Here’s the recipe that I found that seems to mimic the Mai-Kai’s recipe…

The Barrel O’ Rum

• 2 oz good Silver rum (I like Meyers Silver, or even 10-Cane, which is a little different)
• 2 oz Appleton Estate rum
• 2 oz fresh-squeezed Lime juice
• 2 oz fresh-squeezed Orange juice
• 2 oz fresh-squeezed Grapefruit juice
• 2 oz Passion fruit syrup
• About a teaspoon honey
• splash of soda
• A few dashes Angostura bitters
• Ice

Colleen & I at the Mai Kai
Colleen & I at the Mai Kai

Throw everything together in a blender and blend for 5 seconds, then pour it into the barrel. Goooood stuff!

The Rum Barrel is also going to be the featured drink at this year’s Hukilau’s Master Mixologist Cocktail Challenge. Contestants get to devise a better barrel. I hear the competition is going to be pretty heavy, so if you’re going, make sure you check it out poolside at Bahia Cabana. See Hurricane Hayward’s post at Atomic Grog for more info!

-Tiki Chris P, reporting from the Molokai Bar at The Mai-Kai, Fort Lauderdale (well, OK, not yet, but I will be soon)

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