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  • Spicy Piña Colada: Your Weekend Tiki Cocktail, and Cocktail Nation

    Posted on July 23rd, 2011 "Tiki Chris" Pinto No comments

    tiki-bar-drinksHow about something frozen on this hot, South Florida day?

    As the Mai Tai is without question the quintessential Tiki Cocktail, the Piña Colada is without doubt the most famous and best-loved Tropical drink. Welcome anyplace on the globe where palm trees and thatch are present, the Piña Colada is at equally at home at the Tiki bar or on a Mexican playa.

    From Shag’s Tiki Drink Deck, here is the

    Spicy Piña Colada

    1 1/2 oz. spiced rum (I prefer Sailor Jerry’s)
    1 1/2 oz. creme de coconut
    2 oz. pineapple juice
    2 oz. pineapple chunks
    splash of cream
    151 rumpina-colada

    Blend everything except the 151 in a blender with ice until smooth. Pour into a hurricane glass, top with about a tablespoon of 151 and garnish with a cherry, pineapple wedge, orange slice and a little umbrella. It’s nothing without the umbrella. Sit in your favorite deck chair pointed at the ocean and enjoy!

    Shag's Tiki Drinks Deck

    Shag's Tiki Drinks Deck

    Cocktail Nation

    So, as I riffed about in my last post, Koop Kooper of Cocktail Nation kindly interviewed me for my newest retro-tastic novel, Murder on Tiki Island. The vintage music podcast is now available at (click the link to listen now!) The show is, as always, great, kicking off with a Diana Krall tune and filled with great music and retro koolness. You can catch Koop’s podcast every week, with new-old tunes a’plenty.

    For info on Murder on Tiki Island by Tiki Chris Pinto, visit the Star Dust Mysteries Publishing website at

    -Tiki Chris reporting from the lanai at Pirate’s Cove Tiki Bar, Florida

  • Bamboozler: Your Weekend Tiki Bar Cocktail!

    Posted on April 15th, 2011 "Tiki Chris" Pinto 3 comments

    shagWith Jazz Appreciation Month in full swing, I thought I’d feature a drink that sounded like it would be at home both in a dark mid-century Tiki Bar and a boppin’ basement Jazz club. Found this one in Shag’s Tiki Drinks Deck, a fun little pack of 52 drink cards with groovy Tiki art by Shag. With a name like


    …how could it miss?

    1 Shot Dark Rum
    1 Shot Light/Silver Rum
    1 Shot Vanilla Rum (Note: if you don’t have Vanilla Rum, try experimenting with Vanilla Vodka, Spiced Rum, or a few shots of pure vanilla extract at a time to get the desired taste. Desired taste is kind of vanilla-y.
    1 Tsp. Marashino Liqueur (or cherry juice, or Grenadine)
    3-4 Shots Mango Juice
    shage bamboozler card

    In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, add all ingredients and shake it up well. Pour into a chilled Collins glass and garnish with a marachino cherry. Niiiiice.


    Tiki Chris P. reporting from the Tiki Bar!
    Happy Weekend, Kids!

  • Shag, The Movie 1989 – Mod Movie Monday at Chris’ Tiki Bar

    Posted on March 22nd, 2010 "Tiki Chris" Pinto 1 comment

    mod-movie-mondaysOK, let me start off by saying I usually rap about very kool movies, old movies, mod movies or bad movies that are so bad they’re fun to make fun of. This flick doesn’t fit into any of the above. In fact, as far as movies go, it’s pretty dumb. BUT…

    SHAG, THE MOVIEshag-the-movie-poster

    Is worth watching for two reasons: One, the cars, clothes, music, dancing, buildings and furniture are all really dead-on representations of what 1962 America was really like; and B) Phoebe Cates at 27 years old, playing a teenager.

    The story is simple: Four young girls on a last wild weekend before going off to college (or getting married, as in PC’s case). The story is absolutely predictable from the minute the first chick climbs into her rich mama’s band new ’64 Caddy Convertible and gives away the whole plot of the story – she and her groovy friends are ditching the family visit to spend a few days shagging in Myrtle Beach (Shag is a dance,by the way).

    shag-contest_girlThe characters are as predictable as the story: One uptight, snooty one, one over-sexed blonde aspiring starlet, one sweet, shy innocent type, and one confused girl who is “wilder” than she’s pretended to be. Add in an Elvis wannabe, an sleazy agent, a strong-silent tough guy etc etc aw hell you get the idea.

    Ok, now to why I’m highlighting this dog. CARS, Myrtle Beach looking like it did in the 60’s, Bikinis, CARS, hot chicks, Mid-Century Modern Hotels, houses and furniture back when it was just ‘Modern’, CARS, Music, dancing and CARS. Did I mention the abundance of kool cars?shag-cadillac

    myrtlebeachpavilionThe Shag Contest (a sort of excuse for the movie) is held at the now extinct Myrtle Beach Pavilion, one of those old-time shore town amusement piers with a hall suitable for dancing and concerts.

    There are also plenty of shots of Bridget Fonda wearing some pretty skimpy stuff, so, yeah.

    shag-catesIt’s a lot of fun seeing all the old stuff  and imagining yourself back in the time. Just don’t expect a great story. This movie is all about taking a look at a time long gone, days when a Caddy Convertible was better gold and the music was boss.

    Juice & Chow: This is an easy one. Burgers, fries, dogs, chips and cones. Milkshakes for starters and later on cheap whiskey, gin or rum right out of the bottle. Or, you can do what they do in the movie – get an old wash tub, and fill it with juice and every kind of alcohol that exists.