Bamboozler: Your Weekend Tiki Bar Cocktail!

shagWith Jazz Appreciation Month in full swing, I thought I’d feature a drink that sounded like it would be at home both in a dark mid-century Tiki Bar and a boppin’ basement Jazz club. Found this one in Shag’s Tiki Drinks Deck, a fun little pack of 52 drink cards with groovy Tiki art by Shag. With a name like


…how could it miss?

1 Shot Dark Rum
1 Shot Light/Silver Rum
1 Shot Vanilla Rum (Note: if you don’t have Vanilla Rum, try experimenting with Vanilla Vodka, Spiced Rum, or a few shots of pure vanilla extract at a time to get the desired taste. Desired taste is kind of vanilla-y.
1 Tsp. Marashino Liqueur (or cherry juice, or Grenadine)
3-4 Shots Mango Juice
shage bamboozler card

In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, add all ingredients and shake it up well. Pour into a chilled Collins glass and garnish with a marachino cherry. Niiiiice.


Tiki Chris P. reporting from the Tiki Bar!
Happy Weekend, Kids!

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