Murder Behind The Closet Door – Now Available Online!

Murder Behind the Closet Door by Chris Pinto
Murder Behind the Closet Door by Chris Pinto

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I’m very proud to announce that the krazy book I’ve been working on for ever is finally available! I mean dig it, it’s a real book!

In fact, it’s 600 pages of a real book. With a pretty color cover and all.

For you kats and kittens that dig the retro stuff, you’ll love it. The whole thing takes place in 1979, with flashbacks to 1938 and 1957. And it takes place in one of the swingingest retro meccas on the planet, Wildwood New Jersey – a town that was built up in the 50s, and still retains ( and celebrates) a lot of its mid-century mod architecture, hotels, diners and boardwalk amusement piers.

If you like reading Tiki Lounge Talk, I think you’ll like my Murder Behind The Closet Door. It’s full of fun references to the past, including the cars, music and places that are gone forever but not forgotten.

What? What’s it about? Oh, yeah, I guess I should clue you into that, huh…Ok, it’s a murder mystery wrapped up in a ghost story. It’s about a young chick named Heather who is just starting out in life. She moves into a 70 year-old rooming house near the beach in Wildwood-by-the-Sea, and soon starts experiencing strange occurrences around her bedroom closet. It ain’t long before she realizes the odd happenings are being caused by an entity from another plane. This ghost in her closet is actually trying to communicate with her. She and her friends try to find out why this is happening, and discover a mystery that goes way back to 1938, and includes her mother, best friend’s family, and more people in her life than she thought possible. gun

Meanwhile, her step-dad-to-be, Detective Bill Riggins begins his own investigation into a 40 year-old murder behind the closet door. Truths hidden for years are uncovered, and the more facts that are found, the more intense the hauntings become, until an unavoidable climax changes these peoples’ lives forever.

From the book’s description: “A dilapidated house with an evil secret in the basement. An auto-wrecking yard with the devious, rusted remains of a murderer’s getaway car. An unsolved bank robbery with hundreds of thousands of dollars never found. A detective trying to solve an age old murder before his ticker runs out. A slow, agonizing death for an unfortunate victim and his soul reaching from beyond…”Murder Behind The Closet Door” keeps you engaged and guessing from the first paragraph. Creepy, riveting, this story reveals another existence, one just beyond our own, where the occult and the paranormal meet reality and everyday people find themselves swept into very extraordinary circumstances.”

old-carCheck it out at the link above, or for more details including snippets from some of my favorite passages visit my StarDust Mysteries website at

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