Futurama Tonight, Luau at the Lake Tomorrow!

tv-retro-photoWow, seems like the rum-filled haze from The Hukilau hasn’t quite drifted off yet and already Tikiphiles are gearing up for Ohana Luau at the Lake tomorrow!ohana-2010

Ohana is the Northeast’s version of the ultimate Tiki bar party. Setup at the oh-so-wonderfully retro Tiki Motor Inn on the banks of Lake George, New York, Ohana is surely going to be a tikitacular gass.

We here at Pirate’s Cove Tiki Bar won’t be joining the fab crowd at Ohana this year (we blew the budget on drinks at the Mai Kai) but wish all of our pals a wonderfully swingin’ time up there. Since it’s being held in the summer (as opposed to the fall, lac-du-saint-sacrementwhich on Lake George might as well be January) all the groovy summertime fun-stuff will be in full swing. If you kids have any time to explore Lake George Village, do it. Visit Fort William Henry (The gift shop is straight out of 1956), play the mini golf course, take in the old-style wax museum, rent a boat and tear up the lake, and if you have time go on a steamboat cruise. You won’t be disappointed, I kid you not.

For us shmoes who can’t catch a bird upstate, we’ll be swingin’ tonight with the premier of the NEW Futurama series (see previous post). Ok, it’s not as kool as Ohana but we’ve been looking forward to its return for seven years, so, yeah.

Tiki Chris Pinto reporting from Tiki Lounge Talk, the Tiki Bar Blounge (get it – blog + lounge) for retro lovers and tiki fanatics.

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