Ohana In Full Swing, Tiki Kon 2010 Coming Up Fast!

tiki-kon-2010Seriously, who wishes they were sipping a Mai Tai right now? I do!

While the North-East is celebrating Ohana Luau at the Lake this weekend, clear across the other side of the country Portland, Oregon is setting up the Tiki torches for this year’s Tiki Kon 2010: Atomic Tiki!

The weekend starts off Friday night with the bands Lushy, The Apolo Four plus DJ Drew Groove swanking it up at The Tonic Lounge. On Saturday it’s Thatch Tiki Bar for Exotic Cocktails, then everyone swings over to Tony Starlight’s Supperclub and Lounge where, according to the Tiki Kon site, you can “Enjoy the out of this world exotica music of Sneaky Tiki and the Lava Lounge Orchestra and an evening of entertainment with the commander of our tiki space voyage, Tony Starlight!” I’m hip. tony-starlights

Sunday kicks off with brunch at The Alibi, Portland’s oldest Tiki Bar and a tour of the best home Tiki Bars in the area. Mix in custom exotic cocktails specially made for the event, exotic art and ticket prices so reasonable you’ll think you’re back in the ’50s and you’ve got the makings of a very swankadelic scene.

Check out Tiki Kon’s website for the lowdown.

Wishing all our Tiki Friends a swingin’ weekend at Ohana! We’re with you in spirit…that spirit being rum, of course.

-Tiki Chris sitting at the Pirate Island Tiki Bar, sulking he’s not at Ohana but happy the palm trees here are real.

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