Just Announced! Hukilau 2011 Tickets On Sale Now!

hukilauHey swingin’ Tikiphiles, here’s a great way to start the New Year…

Mark your calendars for June 9th through 12th for The Hukilau 2011 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

This year marks the 10th Anniversary of The Hukilau and the 55th Anniversary of the Mai Kai, so it will certainly be a swingin’ shindig. But Tickets for the events online here. The Official Hukilau website with all the details will be coming soon.

To book a room in Fort Lauderdale one of the two official hotels:

Bahia Cabana: 954-254-1555
You can book online with the Bahia Mar HERE.

I’ll have more info posted as it becomes available. Mahalos to you all in the New Year, see you in June!

-Tiki Chris

2 Replies to “Just Announced! Hukilau 2011 Tickets On Sale Now!

  1. I agree, the room was a little cramped once the bands started playing. I’m guessing the event coordinators thought there would be more dancing and less standing/sitting. This year I’m bringing one of those little folding chairs!

  2. Last year was our first for the event, however, unfortunately I cannot stand long periods of time.

    My only sugestion is in the main room to have chairs and tables, possibly snacks to buy.

    It seemed like people were willing to purchase, but no one could even see the entertainment for all the people standing. and it was very difficult to view items at vendors.

    Thank You for listening

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