National Rum Day? Today? YES!

You can't get any "rummier" than a Rum Barrel at The Mai Kai
You can't get any "rummier" than a Rum Barrel at The Mai Kai

Today is National Rum Day!

What is National Rum Day?

It’s a day to enjoy rum.

I do that every day.

Today is special.


I don’t know.

Seriously, today IS National Rum Day, and plenty of news outlets and bloggers are writing articles about rum, different kinds of rum, and rum drinks. But what exactly is today all about, and who started it?

Apparently nobody knows. After an intensive search of teh interwebs, I couldn’t find one post or site that could tell me who started it, when, or why. My first guess was that it was started by a rum manufacturer or distributor, but a quick look at Bacardi, Appleton Estate and Cruzan’s websites yielded not a single mention of the day. Then again, who cares? It’s an excuse to drink!


Everyone is posting their favorite rum cocktails. I saw no less than 10 posts on how to make a Cuba Libre (such a difficult drink to mix, with all those three ingredients). Well, I won’t bore you with the typical rum recipes here. Here, I’ll give you two of my own concoctions to try out tonight.

by Tiki Chris P.pirates-wench

One of my favorites, this drink is easy to make using stuff you probably already have behind the Tiki bar. Here are the ingredients:
1 oz Sailor Jerry Rum
1 oz Malibu Coconut Rum
1 oz Dark Rum (I prefer Meyer’s or Black Seal)
3 drops bitters
1/4 teaspoon vanilla
sprinkle of nutmeg

This is kind of a Cuba Libre done in a kick-ass Tiki style. Get the full recipe here.

by Tiki Chris P.

A new twist on an old favorite, the Tiki Galore is kind of like what you’d get if an amaretto sour collided with a rum truck.

1 oz. Amaretto
1 oz. Dark Rum
1/2 oz. Triple Sec
2 oz. Orange Juice
1/2 tspn powdered sugar

tiki-galore-drinkIt’s sweet but not syrupy sweet, and the rum balances out the flavors nicely. Get the full recipe here.

Well, happy National Rum Day, and don’t forget in October the much more inclusive and fun INTERNATIONAL EXOTIC COCKTAIL DAY, October 5, 2012! FB users can join the fun on the official facebook page here.

-Tiki Chris reporting from Pirate’s Cove Tiki Bar, Fort Liquordale, FL

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