A Tiki Gift from a Good Friend

tikifountainSometimes it’s the little things that can really make your day.

A few weeks ago, I was following a thread on Twitter among some Tiki fans who were discussing a cool Tiki desktop fountain they found at Walgreens up North. My good friend Matt (twitter @k9radiotiki) posted a photo of it, and of course I had to have one. I motored the Caddy down to the nearest Walgreens, and nope! They didn’t have em.

I checked out two more in the area and they didn’t have em either. So I reported back on Twitter that couldn’t find one, and a week later I got one in the mail from Matt, no charge. Just goes to show there are still some very groovy people out there! Thanks again buddy, the little Tiki fountain has found a place of honor on the Tiki Bar!

7 Replies to “A Tiki Gift from a Good Friend

  1. I got one of those for Christmas two years ago. A little different configuration than the one in the picture. Our local Walgreens had 3 or 4 different configurations on clearance for $5 a piece. At the time I wanted to get all of them, but thought it would be silly to have that many. Now I am kicking myself now that they don’t have them.

  2. Not to take away from @k9radiotiki ‘s thunder, but I posted the picture. Turns out he and I both got this fountain within about a week of each other and started talking about it on Twitter. Doesn’t matter either way, as long as you were able to pick up one of these little gems. Glad he was able to score one for you.

    1. I stand corrected my friend, I must admit my memory isn’t as sharp as it was back in the 50’s. I did remember it was you and K9 rapping back and forth on how groovy this little gem was. Down here, ironically, the Walgreens only had little fountains that looked like old mills or rustic wells, like you’d find up north…ya know, the grass is always greener…any way mahalos for posting the pic and helping this Tiki wonder to find its way down to the Pirate’s Cove Tiki bar on the lanai in sunny South Florida!

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