New Tiki Cocktail Recipes Page Launched at Tiki Lounge Talk!

Colleen Drinking Cap'n Mack's Pirate Grog

I know there’s a bizillion books and websites where you can find Tiki bar recipes, but I’ve found that trying to find a site that just has a kool list of kool drinks isn’t so easy. So here it is, a list of every cocktail recipe we’ve posted at Tiki Lounge Talk, from the cornerstone of Tiki Culture, the Mai Tai, to my own concoctions like The Tiki Galore.

It’s a fun list, in no particular order, and sends you to the original post where you’ll get the recipe and maybe even a movie idea and a few laughs. So fill up the ice bucket, light up the Tiki Torches and have a blast!

(Click on “Tiki Cocktails!” in the upper left corner of this site!)

By the way, if you want even more exciting exotic cocktails, check out:

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and Secret Tiki Drink Recipes

-Captain Mack reporting from behind the bar at Pirate’s Cove

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