Your Weekend Tiki Cocktail: The Scorpion Bowl

Tiki Farm Volcano Bowl, on my personal Tiki Bar. No booze in it...yet...
Tiki Farm Volcano Bowl, on my personal Tiki Bar. No booze in it...yet...

When people ask me, and they do ask me, when they say, “Hey, Tiki Chris, what drinks are the ‘most Tiki’?”, I say, “Well, Tiki friend, three drinks come to mind. The Mai Tai, The Zombie, and The Scorpion Bowl, ya dig?”

Ok, people don’t refer to me as “Tiki Chris” all that much, and I don’t actually say “ya dig” as much as I sling it around on here, but you get the point. To me, and many others, those are the Big Three of the Tiki Bar menu, The Scorpion being the stingy-est, biggest of them all. Not the easiest concoction to concoct, it sure is a lot of fun when you’ve got three chicks sipping it out of a Volcano bowl with you.

The Scorpion Bowl: The Exotic Cocktail To Die For

Typical Scorpion Bowl

8 ounces of silver Rum (personally I prefer dark rum, and it gives this concoction a richer taste)
4 ounces Brandy (used something decent, not that $11 a bottle junk!)
8 ounces of orange juice (fresh squeezed is best)
4 ounces of lemon juice (you can add a little more if you want it more tart)
3 ounces orgeat syrup
2 cups of crushed ice (plus extra cubes)

Mix up everything except the ice in a big bowl, bucket, tub, whirlpool, whatever you’ve got. Toss the crushed ice in a blender for a few seconds, and add about half to your Scorpion or Volcano Bowl. Fill with the booze, add in a few cubes. Garnish with floating flowers and use those long-assed straws to drink it up. This big bowl-o-rama is best enjoyed with a couple of hip friends, some Martin Denny playing on the hi-fi, and candlelight or Tiki torches.

You’ll have to keep tasting this stuff before you pour it in for you guests, as the balance can be tricky. Too much orgeat syrup and it will be overly sweet. Too much lemon and you’ll pucker up like a duck. Fresh juices make a much better, more authentic-tasting drink (always) and will impress your friends. If you have a Volcano Bowl, add an ounce of 151 Rum to the volcano and light it up!

I got the idea for this week’s post from perusing the blog of Let’s Tiki, run by my pal Damon. He’s got a great Tiki site, with tons of info on drinks, Tiki bars, Tiki news, art, you name it, if it’s Tiki, he’s got it. Check out his in-depth post on The Scorpion here.

-Tiki Chris reporting from behind the Tiki Bar at Pirate’s Cove, the official Tiki Lounge of Tiki Lounge Talk.

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