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  • Space Escapades and More, Cheap on Amazon.com

    Posted on April 14th, 2011 "Tiki Chris" Pinto 7 comments

    The groovy kats and kittens at Amazon.com were nice enough to send me a little email blast with some swingin’ deals on swingin’ tunes.

    Space Escapades, Les Baxterspace-escapades_
    CD, 24 New from $10.06

    Quiet Village, Martin Dennyquiet-village
    CD, 21 New from $8.87

    Music for a
    Bachelor’s Den Vol. 6,
    The Best of Arthur Lyman
    CD, 7 New from $6.75

    Plus 325 results under the search “Exotica” starting at around six clams, including hard to find stuff by The Waitiki 7, and the ever-elusive Exotica album by Bananarama (wait, what? How did that get in here????)

    At prices like these you can afford and extra $15 drink at the Mai Kai!

    Of course these are CDs. Old-school Tikiphiles will insist on original vinyl, which is a little harder to come by and a little more expensive. Sometimes people tell me they get lucky finding some original 1950’s Denny or Baxter albums at thrift shops for a buck. Damn, hats off to you kids! I gotta say through all my years of searching through piles of moldy, dusty records, I’ve never gotten that lucky finding a great album. However…you can still catch a break on eBay now and then…

    -Tiki Chris reporting from the record store down the street from Pirate’s Cove Tiki Bar, Florida


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    • Even without The Man Himself, it’s still a fantastic collection and worth picking up.

    • “Music for a Bachelor’s Den Vol. 6: More of the Best of the Arthur Lyman Group” is IMHO the best of the two Arthur Lyman best-of’s in the 8-part “Music For a Bachelor’s Den” series. For whatever reason the song selection is a little more engaging.

      Vol. 2, “Music For a Bachelor’s Den: Exotica” is my personal favorite of the bunch. It’s a great intro to the Exotica genre and a mesmerizing album that I love to put on and just play all the way through. You get Arthur Lyman, Ethel Azama, Yma Sumac, Les Baxter, and even Percy faith (No kidding! It works though…) to name a few, but amazingly there is no Martin Denny. Even without The Man Himself, it’s still a fantastic collection and worth picking up.

    • It is difficult to find those old records. I’m glad I can at least enjoy the music whenever I want from CDs. Those are some good deals. I’ll have to place an order!

      • Yeah, CDs and MP3s make it a lot easier to enjoy the music…but there’s something special about having the real records, something about the ritual of sliding them out of the sleeve, dusting them off, setting them up on the hi-fi and even watching the platter spin at 33 1/3 that swings me back in time.

    • And remember, this Saturday is Record Store Day!

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