Miles Davis’ Birthday, May 26

milesA child was born in Alton, IL on May 26, 1926. No one realized that child would evolve into the cat known as Miles.

Skip the groove to 20 years later. Miles. Parker. Gillespie. Yeah.

He was bop. He was Jazz. He could swing or play it straight, hot or cool, but cool was his gig.

Then there was the horse, the big white horse galloping through his veins. It killed his friend, Bird. He quit cold turkey and never looked back.

Modern Jazz. Progressive. Funk-Fusion. He did it all.

Birth of the Cool, Kind of Blue, Seven Steps To Heaven, Miles Smiles. He swung with the times, but always came back to his true Jazz roots.

Miles left this planet on September 28, 1991, too soon, too soon. But he left plenty for us to dig.


Dig it…


Hard bop, Walkin’

All Blues.

So What.

Footprints, 1967…Times were Changin’.

One of my favorites, Bye Bye Blackbird, 1955 (no video)

–Zoot Jackson, from the lounge

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